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Children Carrying Bricks in a Brick Kiln © David Parker 2011
Getting to a New Push on Child Labor

“It is really difficult to combine school and work. One cannot do the two at the same time. I am always tired.” Nanfadima A, age 11, tells an interviewer in Mali. The eagerly awaited report by Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Child Labor and Educational Disadvantage: Breaking the Link, Building Opportunity, has [...]

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The Magic in the Air

For the past ten years we have run a small educational program in Kenya called The Kenyan Schoolhouse. In 2012, there were 37 students whose educations were being paid for by caring people on the other side of the world.

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Apparel Industry Trends 2012 – From Farm to Factory

“Apparel Industry Trends: From Farm to Factory” ranks 300 apparel brands on their efforts to address child and forced labor in their supply chains. It provides a picture of the practices of industry leaders, and calls out brands that fuel modern slavery through their negligence.

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Deadly Secrets

Deadly Secrets, a new report by International Labor Rights Forum, reveals how major apparel companies are putting workers’ lives at risk by covering up fire safety hazards and other dangerous working conditions using confidential audits and ignoring known solutions.

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Child Labor and Educational Disadvantage: Breaking the Link, Building Opportunity

An important new report on child labor and access to education by UN special envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown.

We Will Never Forget Your Beautiful Love

In late October I received an email from a young man representing an organization called Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Kigali, Rwanda. It was short and rather desperate sounding: would I be able to send some money, the orphans were out of food and other necessities. I occasionally get requests like this because I direct [...]

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Adapt, or Die

With parts of the East Coast still reeling from the destruction brought by Hurricane Sandy, I feel it’s time to state the obvious. Climate change isn’t coming at some dim point in the future. It’s here. Years ago, Dr. Wangari Maathai told us something that has stuck with me. If you want to help poor [...]

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Swapping Crops

A 24-year-old farmer in Nepal decides to switch from wheat to bananas, against the advice of his father, because of the unpredictability of rains due to climate change.