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The Right to Education

This week at Media Voices, we have a trailer for a film that reminds us that poor children have a right not just to education, but to quality in their education. Daniela Kon’s film, Talibe, exposes a persistent issue with some Islamic boarding schools in Senegal, where teachers treat their students as cash cows, requiring [...]

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Off the Backs of the Children: Forced Begging and Other Abuses Against Talibés in Senegal

This 114-page Human Rights Watch report documents the system of exploitation and abuse in which at least 50,000 boys known as talibés – the vast majority under age 12 and many as young as four – are forced to beg on Senegal’s streets for long hours, seven days a week, by often brutally abusive teachers, known as marabouts. The report says that the boys often suffer extreme abuse, neglect, and exploitation by the teachers. It is based on interviews with 175 current and former talibés, as well as some 120 other people, including marabouts, families who sent their children to these schools, Islamic scholars, government officials, and humanitarian officials.

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Q&A with Daniela Kon, director of ‘Talibe’

1. What inspired you to make Talibe – The Least Favored Children of Senegal? Experiencing the gravity of the situation firsthand, seeing the systematic neglect and exploitation of the boys, their helplessness and hopelessness, made me feel compelled to do what I can to raise awareness, advocate to reform the Islamic education system, support the [...]

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Trailer for ‘Talibe’

A new documentary by Daniela Kon about the plight of 50,000 “Talibes” – young boys in Senegal (between 4 and 15 years old) who are forced to beg on the streets by their teachers at Koranic schools and suffer severe physical abuse and neglect. They are from poor families, that hope to give them a better in chance in life by sending them to study at these schools. Begging is the only skill they learn.
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