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Support for the Kenya Education Fund comes from:

Barbara Broccoli
Anna Edey and Tribal Persian Rugs

DirectGrace Records is a unique music recording company that weds a passion for high-end vinyl recording to charitable giving. Dedicated to the world’s most at-risk children, part of the proceeds from the sale of each unique, high-definition record goes to organizations helping children in extreme poverty.

visit the Direct Grace Records website to find out more.

The Kenyan Education Fund is a project of Media Voices for Children.
Donations are used to remove children, many of whom are orphaned, from the worst forms of child labor and provide education, boarding and medical care.

In 2003, while shooting Stolen Childhoods in Kenya, Len Morris and Robin Romano discovered a group of children working in a coffee plantation. One girl, Sylvie Ngendo, had an ugly gash on her leg from the thorns. The crew stopped filming and began to treat her wound.

Next day, they returned to the village after the day’s shooting to give first aid to several of the child laborers and their relatives. Len and Robin couldn’t forget Sylvie and her friends. After the filming was done, they spoke to Peter Munene of ANPPCAN, who had been helping them with the shoot, about supporting the coffee children in school, and that is how the Kenyan Education Fund began.

These many years later, most of the original coffee children have graduated primary school, and gone on to secondary school, some even to university.

Since 2002, 104 children have had school costs, medical care and food provided. The program is managed by the African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect.

Please click here to make a donation to the fund:

To sponsor a child, contact us at Click here to see the KEF video Click here to read Len’s blog about the program Click here to read the 2009 ANPPCAN report on the program


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