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Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa Development Forum report for the World Bank on employment prospects for youth in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as how best to maximize the energy and promise of the youth bulge.
If this is hard to read as is, go to the following link to download a pdf file: http://issuu.com/stevebutton/docs/yough_employment_in_sub-saharan_afr

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The Right to Education

This week at Media Voices, we have a trailer for a film that reminds us that poor children have a right not just to education, but to quality in their education. Daniela Kon’s film, Talibe, exposes a persistent issue with some Islamic boarding schools in Senegal, where teachers treat their students as cash cows, requiring [...]

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Off the Backs of the Children: Forced Begging and Other Abuses Against Talibés in Senegal

This 114-page Human Rights Watch report documents the system of exploitation and abuse in which at least 50,000 boys known as talibés – the vast majority under age 12 and many as young as four – are forced to beg on Senegal’s streets for long hours, seven days a week, by often brutally abusive teachers, known as marabouts. The report says that the boys often suffer extreme abuse, neglect, and exploitation by the teachers. It is based on interviews with 175 current and former talibés, as well as some 120 other people, including marabouts, families who sent their children to these schools, Islamic scholars, government officials, and humanitarian officials.


a look at hunger in the slums of the world, from India, to Africa, to the United States and Europe.

Family to Family
Think Globally – Act Locally

This week at Media Voices we’re going to do a bit of shameless self-promotion, with a twist. We have been focused these past nine months on running and building the web site but on August 3rd we presented our first live event, Islanders Giving Kids a Chance, a film and conversation.

ANPPCAN’s Work in Africa

ANPPCAN – the African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect – is one of Africa’s oldest and largest nonprofit organisations. Based in Kenya, with projects in 23 African countries, ANPPCAN has been honoured by the African Union as a key champion for the rights and protection of children. Please visit ANPPCAN to learn more about their vision and work.

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Challenges towards Eliminating Worst Forms of Child Labour by 2016

ANPPCAN has been involved in child labour in Africa for more than 15 years and I would like to share some views from her experience and that of some other NGOs. The reality is that Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa is still generating the biggest numbers of children into the worst forms of child labour (WFCL). [...]

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How to Become a Low-End Philanthropist

Traveling with my two oldest daughters through Zambia on our way to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, we spent a few days in Livingstone, Zambia near Victoria Falls. I purchased a lovely wooden figure at the craft market from a young man named Foster Wachata. The year was 1999. Had someone told me that in ten [...]

Youth Connection, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

This video was shot during NMCF USA’s and NMCF Canada’s August 2009 visit to South Africa. The video captures footage of NMCF supported programs.


Marti Wilson -Taylor
The Beat of a Child’s Heart- South Africa 2010

From a very early age, my life has been focused on children, wanting to nurture their growth and development, observe their interactions with the world and be a part of the change they bring. As a teenager, I remember being asked what I wanted to do and my answer came spontaneously – work for social [...]

Pass it On!

The more time you spend on the Media Voices web site, the easier it will become to understand why we consider subscribing and sharing our information with your friends to be the equivalent of Taking Action for children. Look at the stories we have posted in just the past few days. Unfortunately, they describe the [...]

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind-Why Education Matters

Too often we see Africa as a place where children struggle for the basics of life with limited prospects for survival and even less opportunity to fulfill their dreams, a landscape of human misery without redemption.

Gem Slaves

Mererani in northern Tanzania is the only place on earth where the precious stone tanzanite is mined. Every day thousands of children risk their lives in poorly constructed mine shafts for barely a meal a day. Despite efforts to curb this deadly practice, the global thirst for tanzanite continues to drive these children underground.

For Gem Slaves, Part 2 – click here

Gem Slaves – Part 2

Mererani in northern Tanzania is the only place on earth where the precious stone tanzanite is mined. Every day thousands of children risk their lives in poorly constructed mine shafts for barely a meal a day. Despite efforts to curb this deadly practice, the global thirst for tanzanite continues to drive these children underground.

Last in Line, Last in School 2009

This 2009 report from the Save the Children Federation looks at education needs in countries affected by conflict and emergencies and examines donor trends in the context of the Millennium Development Goals.


Every year, UNICEF produces a report on the state of the world’s children. The focus of this report is maternal and newborn health and the interventions which need to be scaled up to reduce infant mortality and preserve the health and well-being of mothers.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) crisis in Africa is far bigger than the 15.7 million children projected to be orphaned by AIDS in 2010 and will have major implications for the long-term survival of the worst affected countries. UNICEF projects that a total of 53 million children in Africa will be orphaned from all causes in 2010. That equates to 1 out of every 8 children in Africa being an orphan! In 11 countries, more than 1 out of every 7 children will be an orphan. In 5 countries where the crisis will be the most acute, more than 1 out of 5 children will be orphaned. When the number of highly vulnerable children is added to
the orphans in the worst affected countries more than 30% – 40% of all children will be either orphaned or highly vulnerable. This report from WorldVision is an important warning of a real emergency for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Education’s Promise

One of the videos we’ve posted recently is an excerpt from the feature documentary, STOLEN CHILDHOODS. It focuses on youngsters who work in the coffee fields of Kenya. Here we can see the difference that attending school makes in the life of a child. Click on the picture to take a look at the clip.

Childhood Lost

These are the testimonies of young women who took their chances in the city, rather than remain at home doing domestic labor. Many of these stories are typical of internal trafficking, where a young woman or man is promised a job or a chance to go to school, only to discover that they have to support themselves by selling their bodies in clubs or on the street.

Worthless Girl

A group of young women at a school in Kiambu Province, Kenya perform an original poem they have written that tells of their life experiences with abuse and child labor.