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U.R. Romano
World Day Against Child Labor- The Right Thing to Do

June 12th is World Day Against Child Labor and there will observances all over the world. It’s a day when the focus of the global community is on the 215 million children who have to work to survive. It’s a moment when we all recommit to the basic needs of poor children for food, healthcare, [...]


What is innocence? Is it lack of experience? Freedom from guile or sin or bad behavior? Is it nearness to beauty, to God? Innocence is what we expect of a child. It’s the terrain of childhood, of the beginning. It was why they gave me the silver dollar. There was no reason not to. I [...]

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US: Teens in Solitary Confinement

Youths Suffer Serious Harm From Weeks, Months in ‘Lock-Down’

Young people are held in solitary confinement in jails and prisons across the United States, often for weeks or months at a time. The isolation of solitary confinement causes anguish, provokes serious mental and physical health problems, and works against rehabilitation for teenagers.

© U.R. Romano
World Day Against Child Labor 2012 – An Appraisal

” For 215 million children, this day should be every day” (U.R. Romano) This week at Media Voices, we turn to friends, mentors and colleagues to share their views on progress and setbacks in the global campaign to end the worst forms of child labor.

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“How Are You?” – Life Goes On in Sauri, Kenya

At first glance, the schoolyard seems completely normal. The sounds of children laughing is mixed with the yelling that accompanies the older boys’ football game. As I filmed, I was mobbed by smiling faces and repeatedly asked,”How are you”?

Street girl, Nairobi
Return to Kenya

As I prepare to leave for a three week trip to Kenya a sense of unease, an unsettled feeling, has taken hold. Kenya is a country I love. A place where the smiles of the children leave an indelible mark on visitors, and the natural landscape rivals any in the world.

Bravo! A Good Month for Children’s Rights

June 12th saw the annual observance of World Day Against Child Labor. When it comes to protecting children’s human rights, progress can seem painfully incremental and slow. But this year, there are many substantial efforts that merit our respect and admiration and get a BRAVO from Media Voices.

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An Oxfam Hunger Banquet

(The following remarks were delivered at the Martha’s Vineyard Hunger Banquet by Betty Burton The event is sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Committee on Hunger and OXFAM) We are here this evening because: • More than 2.5 billion people live in poverty (last time I gave this talk that number was 1 billion. • 900 [...]

Girls beg for food in Indonesia
As Luck Would Have It

When I walked in the door, the trouble began. Reaching into a basket, I pulled out my random lot for the night. I was to abandon my normal identity as a white Anglo-Saxon American male and become Farida, a low income mother of five who supports her family from small scale vegetable farming in rural [...]

Photo: U. R. Romano
HIV & AIDS Fueling Child Trafficking in Kenya

HIV & AIDS has not only turned children into orphans and laborers, but has also fanned the flames of trafficking in children.

Rick & Pauline © Rick Guidotti
Hope, Dreams and Positive Exposure

This Week at Media Voices we celebrate hope in several guises. Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti had already established a name for himself in the beauty industry when a chance encounter at a New York City bus stop altered the course of his life and led to the creation of Positive Exposure. You can read Rick’s account [...]

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Universal Children’s Day

November 20th is Universal Children’s Day. Established in 1954 by a United Nations resolution, the day’s purpose is to focus attention on the welfare of children around the world.

© U. Roberto Romano
Ten Years On

This Week at Media Voices we look back on ten years of work by the global child labor movement with a special installment of our interview series, Speak Up for Children – Kailash Satyarthi. In addition, Kailash has co-authored with Nick Grisewood, Executive Director of the Global March to End Child Labor, a Viewpoint assessment [...]

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Fighting Child Poverty at Home

This week at Media Voices we continue our focus on poverty at home and its impacts on children. The Census Bureau has released a report, Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. 2009, that shows a fifteen-year high for Americans living in poverty, a stunning 43.6 million people. Of these, 15.5 million are [...]

© U.R. Romano
The Face I Won’t Forget

This week at Media Voices, Monique Marie DeJong reports on a promising strategy by the Department of Homeland Security to reduce human trafficking into the United States and provide services to victims of trafficking,  while I would like to share an unforgettable personal experience with a young girl I met on a coffee plantation in [...]

© David L. Parker
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

This week at Media Voices we present a photo essay on child labor by David Parker along with his companion Viewpoint describing the working conditions and nature of the child labor he’s been photographing since 1992. Looking at his stunning images of children laboring in brick yards, I’m reminded of how much remains to be [...]

© U.R. Romano
Standing on Tip Toe to Support U.S. Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

In April of this past year when the terrible plane accident occurred in Poland killing so many members of government, including the president, I took pause too. I reflected on the country that unfortunately is not thought of so often in the daily lives of the average American, but its history and its people have [...]

© David L. Parker
Child Labor through a Photographer’s Lens

Communities of the world have united around many health problems over the last 50 years – we have eliminated smallpox, and sit on the verge of eliminating polio. And yet greater unity has been inadequate to surmount other public health problems, like hunger, various forms of malnutrition, child labor, and environmental degradation. Landmines continue to [...]

Opening Doors
Signs of Hope – Making Child Homelessness a Thing of the Past

This Week at Media Voices we turn our attentions to a complicated issue that affects 1 in 50 children in America, 1.5 million children a year, homelessness. One third of the national homeless population is families with children and 650,000 of those children, last year, were under 6 years of age.

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Raising the Bar – The US State Department Reports on Trafficking

This week at Media Voices we focus on human trafficking with the publication of the U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 and Childhood Lost, a video about an often overlooked type of trafficking, transporting children within a country to exploit them rather than across national borders. Also this week, we welcome Bama [...]

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Breaking Rocks – Child labor in Mines and Quarries

Child labor is the primary focus this week at Media Voices. In March, we posted ¿Soy Niño?, graphic footage of children working in the mining sector in the mountains of Peru. Now the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, IRIN, has produced a film about children working in quarries in Sierra Leone, “Breaking [...]

© Jamila Larson
Step Up To The Plate

“Dear Councilmember,” the child carefully wrote on yellow lined paper. “I am 10 ½ years old. I live with my family at the shelter. When I grow up, I want to be a singer. I think you need to find more money to help families find housing because people is in danger without a home. [...]

Piet Hein Donner - Dutch Minister for Social Affairs & Employment
In For the Long Haul – Bringing an End to Child Labor

I have just returned from the Global Child Labour Conference 2010 where a Roadmap for Eliminating the Worst Forms of Child Labour was unanimously adopted. Representatives of organizations and governments came from all over the world to learn from one another and re-charge the campaign to end one of the greatest moral blights of our [...]

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One Childhood

This week at Media Voices brings a mix of stories and information on recurring topics; child poverty in America, street children in Latin America and the U.S. Campaign to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In each of these reports, the focus is on what children need to thrive and how to [...]