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Robin shooting Kailash
Kailash and Robin – The Same Heart

For years, they worked together like a pair of brothers, the activist and the photographer, Kailash Satyarthi and Robin Romano, two men born worlds apart, two men of different races, nationalities and religions who worked together for children and became life-long friends in the process. Recently, two separate events, three days apart, one in Oslo [...]

Carini-Lang rug for GoodWeave raffle

This week at Media Voices, we have a blog by Len Morris, Return to Kenya, reflecting on his upcoming shoot in Kenya and his apprehension about what he will find. There is cause for concern. According to the new FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) Cereal Supply and Demand Brief, the price of cereals overall (maize, [...]

Bravo! A Good Month for Children’s Rights

June 12th saw the annual observance of World Day Against Child Labor. When it comes to protecting children’s human rights, progress can seem painfully incremental and slow. But this year, there are many substantial efforts that merit our respect and admiration and get a BRAVO from Media Voices.

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Domestic Labor – Invisible No More

This week at Media Voices, Nick Grisewood, of the Global March to End Child Labor, has an update on the long-awaited ILO Convention on Domestic Work which seems likely to be adopted tomorrow. In New Instrument to Tackle Child Domestic Labour, Nick takes us through the social evolution that has brought a majority of countries [...]

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GoodWeave: Recovering Childhoods Lost

In January 2011 GoodWeave India’s inspectors discovered 60 children as young as eight working as bonded laborers in three separate Bhadohi carpet weaving sites. All had been trafficked from the eastern states of Bihar and West Bengal, over 300 miles away. In reuniting one child with his West Bengal family, community members told GoodWeave that [...]


Sangita was in 3rd grade when she was forced to leave school because her family could no longer afford the tuition. When her family lacked the money for basic necessities like food, Sangita had no other option but to travel to Kathmandu and work in a carpet factory to send money home. She was only [...]

From Slave to Student, Narayan is One in a Million

While his elementary school peers repeated addition and subtraction drills in a classroom each day, Narayan wove knot after knot at a Kathmandu carpet loom. For eight years of his early life, Narayan was a bonded child laborer without access to education, toiling up to fifteen hours a day.

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Universal Children’s Day

November 20th is Universal Children’s Day. Established in 1954 by a United Nations resolution, the day’s purpose is to focus attention on the welfare of children around the world.

GoodWeave Campaign

A short film describing the work of GoodWeave, a monitoring and labeling organization that certifies rugs as child-labor-free, while running rehabilitation centers and schools for rescued child laborers.


Testimony from a rescued child at the GoodWeave rehabilitation center. By the time she was twelve, Kusum had experienced more suffering than anyone should have to endure in a lifetime. Through GoodWeave, though, she has started school, and spends her days studying, playing and talking with children her own age. For the first time in her life, Kusum is happy.

Rugmark White Paper
Rugmark White Paper 2008

2008 White Paper – Learning from the Rugmark Model
Evaluation of the rug certification progam

NBC on GoodWeave
NBC Nightly News on GoodWeave

Tom Snowden narrates a piece he created on ending child labor in the rug industry by monitoring the production of handmade rugs through GoodWeave, and rehabilitating child laborers.


THE FACES OF FREEDOM photo exhibition is a collection of images captured by award-winning photo documentarian, filmmaker and human rights educator U. Roberto Romano during his travels to India, Nepal and Pakistan. As you view the collections you will have the opportunity to experience the ancient craft of carpet weaving, come face to face with [...]