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Real Stories of Hunger in America

Feeding America has gathered stories from clients around the country. These stories give a voice to the many times silent, issue of hunger.

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Not A Day Goes By: The Poverty that Surrounds Us

Not a day goes by that my inbox doesn’t have a story about human suffering in some corner of the world; children trafficked into sex slavery, droughts in northern Africa, refugees fleeing civil war, children dying from HIV and other preventable diseases, hunger and malnutrition taking a toll on one third of the world’s populace. [...]

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Finding North (Trailer)

49 million people in the U.S.—one in four children—don’t know where their next meal is coming from, despite our having the means to provide nutritious, affordable food for all Americans. Directors Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush examine this issue through the lens of three people for who are struggling with food insecurity: Barbie, a single Philadelphia mother who grew up in poverty and is trying to provide a better life for her two kids; Rosie, a Colorado fifth-grader who often has to depend on friends and neighbors to feed her and has trouble concentrating in school; and Tremonica, a Mississippi second-grader whose asthma and health issues are exacerbated by the largely empty calories her hardworking mother can afford.

Their stories are interwoven with insights from experts including sociologist Janet Poppendieck, author Raj Patel and nutrition policy leader Marion Nestle; ordinary citizens like Pastor Bob Wilson and teachers Leslie Nichols and Odessa Cherry; and activists such as Witness to Hunger’s Mariana Chilton, Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio and Oscar®-winning actor Jeff Bridges.

Ultimately, Finding North shows us how hunger poses serious economic, social and cultural implications for our nation, and that it could be solved once and for all, if the American public decides – as they have in the past – that making healthy food available and affordable is in the best interest of us all.

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The Real Cost of a Healthy Diet

2011 report from The Center for Hunger-Free Communities and Drexel University on hunger and availability of affordable food through the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance or food stamps)

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A Life Free From Hunger: Tackling Child Malnutrition

Save the Children UK has issued this report on chronic malnutrition and stunted growth in malnourished children. In a wide-ranging survey conducted with some of the world’s poorest families, a third of parents revealed that their children complained they didn’t have enough to eat, and one in six said their children were skipping school to work for food, while the new report outlines the pitifully slow progress on global malnutrition rates among children.

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This week at Media Voices, we have a blog by Len Morris, Return to Kenya, reflecting on his upcoming shoot in Kenya and his apprehension about what he will find. There is cause for concern. According to the new FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) Cereal Supply and Demand Brief, the price of cereals overall (maize, [...]

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America’s Children – Our Best Investment

This week at Media Voices we draw your attention to the Children’s Defense Fund’s report, State of America’s Children 2011.

The 2011 Report from the Children's Defense Fund
The State of America’s Children 2011

This report from The Children’s Defense Fund summarizes the welfare of children in the U.S. as of 2011.


a look at hunger in the slums of the world, from India, to Africa, to the United States and Europe.

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An Oxfam Hunger Banquet

(The following remarks were delivered at the Martha’s Vineyard Hunger Banquet by Betty Burton The event is sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Committee on Hunger and OXFAM) We are here this evening because: • More than 2.5 billion people live in poverty (last time I gave this talk that number was 1 billion. • 900 [...]

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As Luck Would Have It

When I walked in the door, the trouble began. Reaching into a basket, I pulled out my random lot for the night. I was to abandon my normal identity as a white Anglo-Saxon American male and become Farida, a low income mother of five who supports her family from small scale vegetable farming in rural [...]

World AIDS Day and the Invisible Child

UNAIDS sees promise this year that ” the world has turned a corner” in the war to combat the spread of HIV. In its bi-annual report, the agency points to more than 25% declines in HIV incidence in 33 countries since 2001 as evidence that prevention efforts are paying off. For children however, this anniversary [...]

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Voices from Dadaab: The Daily Struggle to Cook a Meal

This summer I traveled to the Dadaab region in Kenya, where three refugee camps—among the largest in the world—host nearly 300,000 refugees. The camps sit just 60 miles from the Somali border, in a region that has suffered extreme drought over the last few years. As the conflict in Somalia worsens, the number of Somalis [...]

Progress for Children
Progress for Children

‘Achieving the MDGs with Equity’ is the focus of this ninth edition of Progress for Children, UNICEF’s report card series that monitors progress towards the MDGs . This data compendium presents a clear picture of disparities in children’s survival, development and protection among the world’s developing regions and within countries.

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Fighting Child Poverty at Home

This week at Media Voices we continue our focus on poverty at home and its impacts on children. The Census Bureau has released a report, Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the U.S. 2009, that shows a fifteen-year high for Americans living in poverty, a stunning 43.6 million people. Of these, 15.5 million are [...]

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Synergy in the Millennium Development Goals

We are now two-thirds of the way to the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals in 2015, and UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon has called a summit in New York September 20-22nd to discuss the Goals and formulate global and national plans for realizing them. In advance of the summit, the United Nations has [...]

Feed MInds, Change Lives
Feed Minds, Change Lives- School Feeding: Highlights and New Directions

This report from the World Food Programme surveys 2009 research findings for expanding and improving school feeding programs.

End Poverty-Make it Happen
Make It Happen- End Poverty MDG 2015

This short film from the United Nations describes the 8 time-based Millennium Development Goals.

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Every Second Child

There are two billion children in the world. Every second child is living in poverty, lacking at least one of the essentials of life; food, shelter, medical care, education, clean water, gender equality or sanitation. UNICEF reports that nearly 25,000 of these children die daily from wholly preventable causes, every day of the year, year [...]

Hands with Tilapia
In Haiti’s Hands

Like most people, I am horrified by the loss of life and suffering in Haiti and touched by the outpouring of kindness and generosity it’s triggered. Wanting to make a donation, I looked for a credible organization with history in the country and strong ties to the Haitian community it serves. I didn’t have to [...]

CU Eyes
In Haiti’s Hands

A dream-like portrait of the poor in Haiti focuses on a group of nuns as they struggle to lift their people up. Directed by Jeremy Mayhew.

Drowning Child
Peter Singer on The Drowning Child

Philosopher Peter Singer tells the story of the drowning child and poses an ethical dilemma as food for thought.

Oprah, the Media, the CRC and Hunger

November 20th came and went without so much as a mention of the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in virtually any of the mainstream media. I checked my New York Times carefully, cover to cover, nothing there. I called friends in DC to ask if they’d seen anything in [...]

Hungry for Change
Hungry for Change

An eight-step, costed plan of action to tackle global child hunger

More than 178 million children are currently suffering from chronic malnutrition, which contributes to a third of all child deaths globally. According to the report, a total of £150 would give a hungry child the right kind of food and support to stop them from dying from malnutrition and protect their brains and bodies from being permanently damaged by hunger.

Half of the world’s hungry children live in just eight countries; Afghanistan, Bangladesh, DRC, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Sudan and Vietnam. The Hungry for Change report reveals that it would cost £5.25 billion a year to combat child hunger in these countries and dramatically reduce the number of children who are stunted or malnourished.

If you would like more information on the report, please contact Save the Children UK’s policy department. For media questions please contact SC UK’s press office at +44 207 012 6469 or on + 44 7831 650 409.