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The Mediterranean Migration Crisis

The 33-page Human Rights Watch report documents the human rights abuses driving people to make the dangerous sea crossing and the shortcomings of EU migration and asylum policies. The report is based on over 150 interviews in May with recently-arrived migrants and asylum seekers in Italy – Lampedusa, Catania, and Milan – and Greece – the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros, and Kos. The conclusions are also based on extensive Human Rights Watch research in Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Somalia – the home countries of many of those arriving by sea.

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Europe or Die: Italy’s Mediterranean Mass Grave

Since 2000, more than 27,000 migrants and refugees have died attempting the perilous journey to Europe. With an unprecedented number of people breaking through its heavily barricaded borders in 2014, the EU continues to fortify its frontiers.

In the fourth and final episode of Europe or Die, VICE News correspondent Milène Larsson arrives in Italy as the only extensive search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean is replaced with a border surveillance mission, effectively leaving thousands of desperate migrants adrift in the sea.

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Trapped and Forgotten

In part two of a three-part series, VICE News secures access to a detention center in Zawiyah, Libya, and witnesses the appalling living conditions, hearing migrants’ testimonies of torture, beatings, and serious human rights violations.

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Drowning for Freedom

In part one of a three part series, VICE News is given access to chilling footage filmed by the Libyan coast guard, who have witnessed an influx of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, recovering hundreds of bodies of those who’ve drowned on their journey to Europe.

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The New Normal

The UNHCR recently marked a grim milestone in the Syrian refugee crisis. The number of refugees and internally displaced people fleeing the civil war has reached 2 million. Unicef estimates that 1 million of those refugees are children. This is putting significant strain on neighboring countries. Take Lebanon, for example, where Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently [...]

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Numbers

Animated film by The Guardian on the sheer scale of the refugee crisis in Syria (June 2013). The numbers are even higher now.

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Education Without Borders

A new report commissioned by A World at School and authored by the Overseas Development Institute‘s Kevin Watkins makes plain the desperate plight of Syria’s child refugees in Lebanon. – See more at: http://gordonandsarahbrown.com/2013/09/bringing-education-without-borders-to-syrian-children-3/#sthash.csK56uTx.dpuf

The Real Price of Cheap Clothing

This week at Media Voices, we are excited to introduce a new contributor, Sarah Johnson. Between her graduation from high school and college, Sarah spent several months working with kids who were living in Egypt as refugees, either internally displaced or fleeing wars in Libya and other trouble spots. She discovered that while it’s important [...]

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The Power of Soccer: Refugee Youth in Cairo

<   “The best way to explain something to them is to relate it to soccer” laughed Fatima, founder and director of the non-profit Tadamon, or “solidarity”. “These kids always understand soccer.” Tadamon is a small, urban-refugee-assisting non-profit located in Cairo, Egypt.

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Not A Day Goes By: The Poverty that Surrounds Us

Not a day goes by that my inbox doesn’t have a story about human suffering in some corner of the world; children trafficked into sex slavery, droughts in northern Africa, refugees fleeing civil war, children dying from HIV and other preventable diseases, hunger and malnutrition taking a toll on one third of the world’s populace. [...]

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2010 Global Trends (UNHCR)

The United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees issues the 2010 report on over 10 million refugees in various hot spots worldwide.

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The Shadows of Peace: Life After the LRA

In Northern Uganda the bells of peace are starting to ring out. But after two decades of death, displacement and trauma, the obstacles on the path toward peace could be just as challenging as the war itself.
IRIN Films.

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Refugee Girls: The Invisible Face of War

A report by the Women’s Refugee Commission on the dangers peculiar to being a refugee while being a girl.

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International Youth Day

August 12th was International Youth Day. For the more than 8 million displaced young people—ages 15 to 24—around the world, there is little cause for celebration.

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Surviving in the Informal Economy

On Media Voices this week, we have a blog from Jina Krause-Vilmar, Senior Program Officer for Livelihoods with the Women’s Refugee Commission, on the difficulties and challenges faced by women and girls attempting to support their families in refugee camps. Food rations are often inadequate, and the women must supplement their family’s nutrition by working.

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Struggling to Make a Living in Ethiopia

Food is scarce in Ethiopia, where most of the population lives in rural, drought-prone areas in a state of chronic poverty. In 2010, the Government of Ethiopia identified 5.2 million people in need of emergency food aid. Not surprisingly, this hunger crisis also impacts the thousands of refugees living just within Ethiopia’s borders.

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Forced to Flee – Cambodia’s Rapid Development

This video from IRIN, a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, presents the moving story of 50-year-old Sum Rin, displaced from a shanty town in the centre of the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh to make way for a new commercial development.

Pass it On!

The more time you spend on the Media Voices web site, the easier it will become to understand why we consider subscribing and sharing our information with your friends to be the equivalent of Taking Action for children. Look at the stories we have posted in just the past few days. Unfortunately, they describe the [...]

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L.E.A.D. Uganda – Child Soldiers

L.E.A.D. Uganda is an educational leadership initiative for children affected by AIDS, war, and poverty. We find children living on the edges of society – AIDS orphans, former child soldiers, child laborers. We give them the world-class, 21st century skills necessary to lead Africa into the future.

L.E.A.D. Uganda

Child Soldiers Global Report 2008

Minova DP Camp, DRC
Forced to Flee – Democratic Republic of Congo

A brutal war has been raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo for over twenty years. Hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee their homes for makeshift camps for the internally displaced. This film tells the story of some of the displaced people living in the camp at Minova, where women face the choice of getting attacked when they leave the camp to get food or of letting their children starve.

Education in Emergencies

For refugees and people displaced by civil war and natural disasters, acquiring an education can be nearly impossible. But education in these dire circumstances is often a lifeline and key to any possibility of having a better life. This video, produced by the Women’s Commission on Refugee Women and Children, tells three first person stories in Kenya, Afghanistan and Liberia.